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Powered by RDC, a collaboration between Elron & Rafael, RDSeed invests in high risk, early stage ventures, focused primarily on cybersecurity, IT and enterprise SW.

At RDSeed your start-up will benefit from the expertise of an immense R&D center (Rafael), the experience of a top notch financial & legal team (Elron), and the wisdom of a creative and engaged management team. We believe that this unique combination is the recipe for your success!




our mission

As a strategic investor, we’re committed

to the technological and commercial success

of our start-ups, and will get you there

by leveraging our extraordinary in-house capabilities.

Our Investment Policy and Process

  • We can lead, join, bring along do alone! As long as you have the right team, combined with the best idea & technology.
  • First-round investments can go as high as $1M, with an option to invest in follow-up rounds. We meet with hundreds of companies, looking for those few special ideas to invest in.
  • If your idea grabs us, we will use our resources to ensure that your technology base, IP, ecosystem and business plan put you on the road to success.
  • Once your team/company is selected you will undergo a deep due diligence process including market/competitve landscape analysis, IP check, tech evaluation, HR, business plan & model, go to market, and legal.

RDC the extra sauce

  • RDC – Rafael Development Corporation Ltd. is a unique company, blending seemingly contradictory disciplines into viable commercial products. Our business is the development of high-value commercial initiatives in civilian markets, based on defense technologies developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.  ( and the financial backing of Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. (
  • To date, RDC has established 15 new companies; the most well-known are Given Imaging and Medingo. Founded in 1998, Given Imaging redefined gastrointestinal disease diagnosis with its video capsule endoscopy products. In early 2014, the company was acquired for roughly $1B by Covidien. In 2005, RDC founded Medingo, developer of a miniature insulin dispenser. In 2010 Medingo was acquired for $200M by Roche.

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